About Travelpro®


We hit the ground rolling over thirty years ago, and we haven’t let up since. With innovation at the heart of what we do and the driving force behind every product we create, we will always explore ways to enhance the travel experience.

To make packing and unpacking easier. 

To make having what you need where you need it, simple and seamless.

To make luggage that you can depend on and products that ease the trip, wherever in the world you roam.

[image heading="OUR REASON: THE TRAVEL PROS" image="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0080/0984/2786/files/480x480-AboutUs-pilots.jpg?v=1591208399" image-alignment="right" content="As the luggage brand of choice for frequent travelers and flight crews worldwide, our expanding array of bags and collections are designed for the road-warriors, the commuters, the business travelers, the family-trekkers, the passionate explorers, and the weekend wanderers.

Ultimately, if you’re going somewhere, we are your reliable travel companion."]

[image heading="DURABILITY STARTED WITH US." image="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0080/0984/2786/files/480x480-AboutUs-bag.jpg?v=1591291651" image-alignment="left" content="“Traveling well” is less about how many miles you log and more about how well-prepared you are to log them.

Broken zippers and lost wheels are simply unacceptable. Used workout clothes, starched shirts, and favorite accessories all deserve their own place.

That’s why we build bags that hold up, hold everything in, and never hold you down.

Our luggage is thoughtfully designed and meticulously constructed to accommodate the world’s most demanding globetrotters.

We set the industry standards for durability and continually undergo rigorous testing to ensure you will never have to compromise.

It’s why we make the luggage we do. Luggage designed to help you get where you are going as easily, efficiently, and confidently as possible. "]

[image heading="WE OBSESS OVER PRESSED SHIRTS AND OVERHEAD BINS, SO YOU WON’T HAVE TO." image="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0080/0984/2786/files/480x480-AboutUs-design.jpg?v=1591208399" image-alignment="right" content="“We travel to and from work, home, conferences, family vacations, trips we dread, and those we dream of for months or years. 

We work through dinner on the angle of a telescopic handle, the packability of a pocket, and the tensile strength of nylon.

We listen to flight crews and study what they want and need in their luggage. Then we offer that in our professional line–the luggage of choice for crews from over 90 airlines worldwide. 

We engage in constant conversation with frequent travelers, observing, predicting, and delivering products to help them succeed through every trip.

Employing these principles of durability, mobility, practical innovation, intelligent design, and built-in conveniences, we create luggage that goes the distance – for business or pleasure – by air, land, and sea. "]